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...before i even understood what a 'photograph' was...
as a young child growing up in the 70's most vacations included family road trips in our iconic 4 door brown striped station wagon.  the back was outfitted with sleeping bags, snacks & no seat belts. to entertain ourselves, we would distort our faces against the plastic protected back window to aggravate the drivers behind us. then as the sun set & dusk fell upon us, i would often stare out the window composing images within my mind. i was fascinated how light could breathe life into the ordinary...street lamps, fog, raindrops, lines, trees, shapes...all being manipulated by the shadows created from light.  

i was only 4 years old & didn't have a clue about shutter speed, iso, the position of the sun...nor did i know  the 'black box looking thing' that was strapped around my dad's neck was a camera that someday would be mine.

as i grew up, i started to understand that i could tangibly produce an image with a camera.  what i envisioned became a reality.  everything i observed were elements that enabled to make photographs.   

my adventure began.

i LOVE photography. it's embedded in my extension of my being. i compose images in my head as one can recite the alphabet or simply add numbers.  my visceral need of exploring paths unknown.  my everlasting curiosity to wander.  no fear. no thought of ramifications.           anything i need to do to get the shot i want. sometimes i feel as though i'm wearing a cloak of armor when i photograph.  let's just say with cameras in hand i feel invincible.  thankfully, i've had many friends & colleagues pull me out of traffic, catch me when branches have broken beneath me. 

i'm often asked, "what do you shoot?" this day, i stand there dumb founded not knowing how to answer the same question that has been posed hundreds of times. 
within these galleries, i invite you into my world of photography.  all i create with my camera, whether it's the 'life' within the human soul, simple organic beauty found in nature, abandoned places, decadent buildings.  individuals who are touched by grace, elation, love, angst, poverty...

i suppose this is my answer because for me all that i photograph transcends into one. it goes hand in hand. my incessant desire to compose all i see.




Baltimore. Destination. International Wedding Photographer