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What Turns You ON? or OFF?

June 15, 2017


I think it's safe to say that the majority of our generation, GenX , had the illusion we were going to retire by the age of 55. I'm going bold here and say this was a grand illusion. I still remember thinking 55 was OLD when I was growing up. Now I'm thinking that I'd be lucky to retire by 75.... and 55 is just waiting for me around the corner.


See, I've been lucky enough to work with people in every stage of their career. But mostly entrepreneurs and teams of start-ups giving this American Dream a shot. Most of us are in our 40s, in the same boat, on the same scary ocean, starting over. I feel like I've been on this boat for way too long already, and it's about time I grab an oar.


Are you Turned ON?

.Leaving a successful radio career, navigating a divorce, and being a single dad, my  friend Mickey is breathing life back into a special radio career I feared he left behind for good. He's grabbed the oar, and lifted the sail. This time navigating his own way. On his own terms. With his own voice. It's a voice we all remember. We recognize it. We connect it to an event or memory. I recognize it as  "Mickey Cucchiela." The one and only. 

Throughout the process of photographing Mick, it was enlightening to observe the abrupt changes of his persona from ON to OFF.  Just like my camera, Mickey's microphone ON in hand is his superpower!!


Are You Turned OFF?

I've had the opportunity to tell Mickey's journey through my camera lens - and it was eye opening. I left with a sense of appreciation, and self reflection. It wasn't my job to repeat Mickey's words to you, but instead, to share his perspective, his message, and to do it visually. It's a message, and a story, that I absolutely treasure.

Today, right now, we get to make new memories. Connect new treasured moments with the voice we remember as "Mickey on the radio." If you're born and bred Baltimore, or you've been around long enough to know what makes this town special, you'l know what I mean when I say that it's a pleasure to welcome back the man whose raspy voice was the soundtrack to some of the best mornings  of my life. Pull the anchor, Mickey. Let's make memories!!!



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